How did mobile EV charging startup Mobec Innovations raise $1 million?

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Mobec Innovation, a green company offering Mobile-Charging as a Service (M-CAAS), has secured $1mn in seed funding. The company aims to provide mobile-tech charging for electric vehicles anytime and anywhere. Purple Stone Consulting, based in Singapore, has provided the majority of the investment and has expressed confidence in Mobec’s innovative solutions for the growing demand in the EV sector.

In a media statement Harry Bajaj, the CEO and Founder of Mobec Innovations expressed his satisfaction with the company’s first seed fundraise and the affirmation from Purple Stone Consulting. 

Mobec is committed to adding value to the wider EV ecosystem through consistent research and development, ultimately benefiting the end users. The company is eager to see its services implemented on the roads soon. Mobec has been working diligently to provide charging solutions for all devices in addition to electric vehicles, making their proposition even more appealing to end-users.

Harry Bajaj added the company’s commitment to contributing to India’s electric vehicle sector by providing sustainable solutions and ensuring seamless mobility.

Mobec has been putting in much effort to provide charging solutions for all-electric vehicles, making the idea more appealing to customers.

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