“Power Up Anytime, Anywhere: MOBEC Revolutionizes First Mobile Charging in India!”

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Mobec is a green company in India that is rapidly expanding and specializes in EV charging. Their Portable Charging Solution is designed to alleviate concerns about range anxiety by enabling EV owners to charge their vehicles quickly and conveniently at any time and place with just a click. 

Mobec, a Mobile-Charging as a Service (M-CAAS) provider, is set to enter the Indian market at the end of February. With cutting-edge technology, Mobec is the first of its kind in India and offers seamless integration of the EV charging ecosystem.

The company is committed to sustainability and offers a unique service called Mobile-Charging as a Service (M-CAAS) to ease the burden of charging electric vehicles (EVs). They provide portable charging solutions for all EVs, ensuring they can be charged anytime and anywhere. Mobec is a mobile and intelligent EV charging network in India that aims to revolutionize how electric vehicles are charged worldwide. Their brand reflects their passion for their products, services, and industry and their dedication to promoting EV-related concepts that may need to be more practical elsewhere.

According to Mobec Innovations Founder and CEO Harry Bajaj, the company has received a positive response from consumers in Delhi-NCR. As a result, they have decided to invest in the major metropolitan cities to address issues of accessibility, availability, and infrastructure insufficiency. 

Harry Bajaj expressed the company’s commitment to contributing to India’s electric vehicle sector by providing sustainable solutions and ensuring seamless mobility.

Mobec’s support for modularity and portability also allows businesses to move towards EVs without worrying about charging infrastructure, electricity, and maintenance costs. It helps them evolve towards a more sustainable future.

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